Art Show in the Library

I am busy getting ready for the 2nd Annual Art Show at Santa Margarita Catholic High School. The show will be from 6pm to 8pm, Thursday, January 31, 2013 in the library. This is a joint effort between the visual arts department and the library. Over 200 pieces of sculpture, photographs, painting, and short films will on display for about a week. It is wonderful to see staff and students recognize  names on the artwork. I LOVE the fact that many of the students who are rarely recognized for any scholastic or athletic achievements have the opportunity to share their talents. It is also a great way to cross-pollinate school departments: library visitors see what can be created in visual arts classes and art aficionados are lured into the library.

It is a bit of work to remove library displays. paintings, signs, etc. to make room for the artwork. However, there are usually several students who are in charge of the art show a a service project – the library staff and visual arts teachers are there to assist and support the art show.

I learned that used to be an art show at the school years ago, but the work was displayed in the administration building. This kept many visitors away because students were uneasy about strolling the halls about the principal’s and deans’ offices. Also, the administration building is only open 40 hours/week while the library is open 52 hours/week. I plan to post photos of the some of the artwork once the displays are ready.

Update: Here is a sampling of some of the 200+ pieces of artwork on display in the library.


2 thoughts on “Art Show in the Library

  1. Sounds fabulous! My ceramics students are finishing up large-scale coil pots right now and we will be displaying them atop the stacks in the secondary library. I’m pretty excited to have such a great space for displaying (and such a high traffic area!) and I think the librarian is looking forward to livening up the decor. Plus, I know our students are typically very respectful in the library so I’m less worried about putting the work in there than I would be if it were just in the hallway. Win-win for everyone!

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