Repurposing Moodle- Incorporating Emerging Trends and Technology

Information Literacy

Information Literacy

Information Literacy Through Moodle

As discussed in the post Transparency Through Blogging I would like to repurpose Moodle at my workplace. I propose using a Moodle course management site (CMS) as a platform for information exchange about information literacy in high school students.  Faculty are familiar with the technology, information can be archived, and cross-pollination of ideas across academic department lines would be possible. The CMS will be called RESEARCH (Research Articulation Community Home). It will start as a site for faculty only and eventually be shared with all school stakeholders.

TechPlanStephensLIBR287 – Finn

Email-Research Skills

Screenshots of Moodle Course Management Site


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5 thoughts on “Repurposing Moodle- Incorporating Emerging Trends and Technology

  1. Hi! I can’t seem to download the files. I am about to travel – could you email them to me as attachments please at your convenience. 🙂

  2. Michael – Yikes – sending as email attachment right now.
    Joyce – thank you.
    Leesa – Moodle is not quite as fancy as Blackboard/Angel, but pretty darn good for use at K-12 schools.

  3. Great! I love that you chose to use Moodle as kids and staff are already familiar with it. I think services are much more likely to be used when they are combined in easy to use locations that are already frequented for other purposes. 🙂

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