Signage: 1 fail, 1 win

These two signs are posted next to each other in my local urgent care facility:

signage fail

signage fail

On a more positive note, the high school library where I work is a busy and noisy campus hub that is full of activity. I need to create a quiet zone. I am thinking of imitating the Quiet Zone of Orange County Public Library’s Foothill Ranch Branch.


Quiet Room

Quiet Room Door Sign

Quiet Room2


5 thoughts on “Signage: 1 fail, 1 win

  1. Silly sign! There’s something similar to that at my gym–they offer WiFi, but discourage the use of cell phones…do they not realize that we use are cell phones to access the Internet? I think a lot of this is a mistake in wording–many places don’t want people yacking on their phones, but don’t mind if they quietly use their phones for other uses.

  2. Yes … one of my physicians’ (I seem to have several lately) has only one of those signs in his office (the one discouraging cell phone use). Of course, all six people, myself included, roundly ignored the sign and we were all on our cell phones … this is how I learned that the office building had a Wi-fi network for customer use.

    Hospitals want to (sometimes) limit cell phone use because the usage supposedly interferes with medical equipment, but I work in a medical center that doesn’t seem to have this restriction.

    I think the signs would be better if they told folks about the desired behavior (“Please use your device without disrupting others.”) instead of focusing on “No.”

  3. Thanks for these examples! Henry – you hot the nail on the head with the language you suggest. It’s not the quiet texting or browsing but the loud folks that are disruptive. I think all types of businesses and institutions are trying to come to grips with this pervasive technology.

  4. I agree that these signs are often excercises in failure. Like Henry said, if the cell phone usage is discouraged, wouldn’t a sign asking for discreet use be better? I have issues with signs similar to the ones in the posting above at my own library, but I will refrain!

  5. Great examples of succeeding and failing all at the same time. I also think that all libraries should provide a quiet room. I for one need it quite to study, and so does my son. Others are ok with noise, Having both is helpful no matter who you are.

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