Either I am creative and fearless when it comes to trying out new technology – or a glutton for punishment (most likely I am both). I wanted to learn more about Infographics, so I explored,, and piktochart. Pikochart was the most intuitive and offered the most options with the free version. Click on the graphic below to view my Finnfographic.

Clipart Illustration of a Pretty Black Haired Caucasian Woman Hu


3 thoughts on “Finnfographic

  1. Such a clever idea! Infographics are such a new and easy way of sharing a lot of information creatively. Awesome job!

  2. Jolene,
    I subscribe to Daily Infographic’s RSS feed. I think they are great. I find myself reading and learning about subjects that I never would have looked at in regular text. Your infograph is great and the pic looks like you!

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