Is there a badge for this session?

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I am geeking away in Monterey at the Internet Librarian conference. The session about Online Badges brought up an interesting point, should badges expire? I am concerned about the relevance of certain skills. Perhaps badges should be date stamped like a college degree or technical skill certificate. Here are some highlights from this excellent session.


Why badge?
Badges can work as motivators for learning and acquisition of skills. This is especially important in an online environment where the possibility of face-to-face recognition is not an option.

Easily portable with Credly or Mozilla Backpack.


Handing out badges like candy cheapens badge value.
Do not associate badges with grades. Grades are grades, badges recognize learning and behaviors.

Let Accelerated Reader serve as a cautionary tale. Anyone familiar with K-12 programs that track students’ ability to earn points for passing a computerized test about a book is cringing right now. Designed to motivate students to read and to give teachers a method for assessing reading comprehension this has become a target of hatred.


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